Who I am: Matthias Labsch

Hi, my name is Matthias Labsch! I am a software engineer living and working in Freiburg, Germany. This is my website about frontend development, accessibility and living with a disability. Hence the name of this website: Dev On Wheels.

I finished my apprenticeship in 2006 and worked as a web developer since then. I got insights in browser game development, eCommerce and website development in several companies and I am still eager to learn new things about my job.

My main interest and field of work is semantic HTML and lean CSS. Lately I am enhancing my Javascript knowledge and dived deeper into A11y techniques.

Disclaimer: this is a personal website and it only reflects my own opinions, not my employers'.

What I am currently working on


Besides blog posts I always wanted to separate some of my content to other display formats. So I will start a knowledge base where I can store useful information, bits and pieces I found in the internet or found out by myself. I also want to have project related infos in their own type of format.


As mentioned before, I will write my own plugin for a knowledge base, because most of the existing plugins didn't satify my requirements. I am also planning to write some plugins for the WordPress backend, mainly for reasons of clarity and comprehensibility and to enhance accessibility.


In the next few months I want to concentrate on a new theme for this website. I have a specific style in mind, and as always it is not a thing one will finish in one day. The new design will be similar to this first draft (I really like the typo so far!) and will incorporate some isometric art work.

Why I need a wheelchair

I am really keen to share my experiences about living with a disability. But it is a sensitive topic for me, so I don't want to blurt out any information without thinking about it twice. Please bear with me!

And as Tera Sinube said in "Star Wars: The Clone Wars":

"Value of moving slowly is that one can see the way ahead"